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Medical Claims Billing Services

What could your practice do with an extra $30,000?

Heartland Claims Consulting helps a typical practice recover an average of $2500 each month using our medical billing services.

Let’s see how we can help you!

Let’s partner together to drive your success! Tell us a little about your practice so we can customize a solution that works for you.

Benefits of Using Medical Claims Billing Services

By outsourcing medical claims billing to Heartland Claims Consulting, you can focus on patient care and running your business while reducing the burden of insurance claims management. This results in improved revenue collection, reduced claim rejections, and increased efficiency in the billing process. By eliminating the onerous burden of billing, your staff will be less stressed and more welcoming to your patients. This may help with staff turnover and retraining.

And there is no interruption of incoming funds from insurance companies!

As much as 20% of claims get stuck in the Claims Clearinghouse and time is limited to get them processed. HCC manually corrects claims in the clearinghouse so that you get ALL the revenue you billed. Because of insurance company time constraints, this is the first service that we perform for new clients. After that, the clearinghouse is checked weekly to ensure claims are processed properly.

They don’t teach you about insurance in school. Our team of expert insurance specialists will help you navigate the insurance labyrinth. Even experienced chiropractors can sometimes get stuck in a rut and codes get lost.
Our expertise brings new hope and life into your practice profitability.

This is where a practice loses the biggest chunk of money.
While posting, we dig deep to uncover areas such as:

Outstanding insurance payments

Incorrect patient responsibility

Missed billing codes

Line-item insurance denials

What does this mean for you? You get paid faster for the work you have done.

Because every penny of your revenue is important to you; we correct everything from a fully denied claim to a line-item claim denial.

When you’re new to our team, we look back at 12 months of all EOBs/ERAs to find denied claims and make claims corrections.

Insurance companies won’t tell you how to fix a claim, but our team knows how to uncover the reasons and fix the problems so claims get paid. This is one of the most dreaded tasks for your office help. Let our expert team fight for you! And, best of all, we teach you how to send a clean claim to eliminate repeated denials.

Lost revenue is a major problem in most chiropractic offices. In this A/R report we find your Outstanding and Unpaid claims which are not the same as denied claims. Outstanding and Unpaid claims are a common problem that our team digs in with their detective skills. If your in-house billing team can’t keep up with Insurance Aging, we can help!

Have you been waiting for payment and don’t have time for all the follow-ups? Let our PI/WC team do all the follow-up for you. Our team will keep in contact with the patient, attorney, and you. We understand good relationships get bills paid faster.

Heartland Claims Consulting follows a specific process to batch and send insurance claims. Here is a general overview of what we do:

Use your billing software and clearinghouse

Perform claim scrubbing

Monitor submitted claims

Reconcile payments

Do you have a special need not listed here? Let’s talk!

Client Testimonials

Logo for Favorite Chiropractic, Edmond, OK

Patti is awesome! Helped us recoup unpaid claims and educated our staff on claims.  Highly recommend!

— Dr. Marcus Favorite, Chiropractor OKC Edmond
Brookwood Chiropractic logo

Are you overwhelmed with fighting with insurance companies for what is rightfully yours? I was, and my stack of non-paid EOBs was getting bigger. Heartland Claims Consulting took care of that for me. They collected on accounts I thought were a lost cause. Letting them take over my insurance has been the best decision. The return well exceeds the cost.

— Dr. Leslie Bost, Brookwood Chiropractic

Patti has been our saving grace. Having her as a part of our team takes so much off our plates. We can care for patients without having to worry about getting paid. We can go to her with any insurance or billing questions, and we always get a quick response. It’s more than just insurance billing. Patti really cares about you and wants you to succeed. We have had Patti as a part of our team since the beginning, and she is a massive part of our success. If you are a chiropractor or PT and are tired of dealing with insurance companies, Patti and Heartland Claims Consulting has got you covered!

— Dr. Ty Womack, Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective

We have been so fortunate to have Patti Edwards with Heartland Claims Consulting work for us for the last several years. She has collected thousands of dollars for our office that would not have been otherwise collected. She is excellent at using her detective skills and insurance coding background to figure out why claims are either getting denied and/or not getting paid. She is always prompt with checking in on a monthly basis for follow up claim concerns. We would recommend her to anyone who is tired of playing games with insurance companies to pay legitimate claims. We are so grateful to have her as our insurance specialist!

— Dr. Tyler Bodin, Bodin Chiropractic

I’ve been using Heartland for several years. Patti offers awesome customer service, and I can trust her to keep my claims/collections posted weekly. She also checks past claims and recovers money that might have been lost without her expertise. Thanks, Patti for all you do for our practice!

— Dr. Matt Ford, Ford Chiropractic Life Center

I was confident that my staff, with over twelve years of billing experience, was doing a great job. I finally allowed Patti to look at my accounts receivable, insurance claims, and denials from the previous year. Was I ever amazed! Patti was able to recover over $30,000 in denied claims. She continues to prove herself as a valuable asset to my practice allowing my staff and I to focus on what we really enjoy, our patients.

— Dr. Kyle Brotherton, Align OK Chiropractic Wellness
Optimal Family Chiropractic logo

After staff turnover led to a pile of EOBs that were growing bigger every week, I decided that is was in my best interest to hire an outside source to handle my billing moving forward. I viewed this move as having another part time staff member. Since making the move, Patti has not only got me back up to date on all EOBs being input, they have also corrected over 300 claim errors. All of their work has gained me an additional $15,205.85 in collections in just three months. The most important thing it has done is allow me and my team to focus on patient care, which has helped us grow 30% over that same time.

— Dr. Josh Wilson, Optimal Family Chiropractic

Patti is a cheerleader of a human being and absolute bulldog of a biller. As a solo doc with a growing practice, Patti’s services have saved me literally hundreds of hours in office administration and accounting work. She is an excellent communicator, very organized, happy to answer any of my questions, and actively helps me better understand the “whys” behind coding and compliance. I recommend Patti’s services to all of my chiropractic friends and feel honored to be one of her clients.

— Dr. Abbie Parrish, Back In Motion
Edgewater Healing Arts logo

“In a short time, working with Patti has freed up my office flow and procedures so that I can grow my office. It has been a few years that I had someone helping me with the billing and she was very quick to step in and take over. She was quick to learn my software, has time devoted to my office specifically, and is always in great communication. Easily recovering monies from past claims. Thank you Patti for an excellent job! I am grateful to have found you and look forward to us continuing to work together for years to come!”

— Dr. Geneva Ricano, Edgewater Healing Arts